Hadiza Mohammed
Hadiza currently provides consultancy services to an international organization focusing on developing social enterprises in Nigeria.
Hadiza’s interests include books, theatre, travel, food and football – she is a Manchester United supporter! In her spare time, she volunteers at a centre for children with disabilities in Lagos.
Hadiza strongly believes in social empowerment and open mindedness as essential to resolving our nation’s issues.
*Acting Board Chair
Bisola Edun
CEO, Tae, Bisola believes that civic engagement – bringing citizens’ voices and values into public policy by fostering civic literacy – is crucial to bringing about change in Nigeria.
‘Yemi Adamolekun
EiE’s Executive Director.
Given Nigeria’s natural and human resources, we deserve better. I will do all I can to ensure that leaders that are selected, elected and appointed are accountable to the citizens they are required by law to serve.

4 EiE Board Members resigned December 2014. View Press Release.