The inner thought of the Nigerian Youths….

I love my country Nigeria, but I am losing my pride as a Nigerian.

I was born in Nigeria but am not always happy that I grew up in Nigeria.

Truly, Nigeria is the only country I can call mine, but I have always wished I had the opportunity to choose another country to be born in, other than Nigeria.

I want to run out of Nigeria, but I remember the pledge I made to serve my country with all my strength, all my life.

For years I have been serving and I have also seen many youths serving with a lot of passion and energy, but Nigeria is so far gone, to hear its youth panting in service to sustain its greatness.

Nigeria, a nation once described as the Giant of Africa is in a long state of despair; while the youth live within its nightmare.

In the words of Benjamin Disareli, ‘The youths of a nation are trustees of posterity’

Nigeria Wake up! Wake up!!! You were once a giant when your leaders were youths with brilliant minds. It is high time you trusted your youths of today and give them the appropriate education they require to restore your greatness.

Nigeria, please give your youths the tools to make the nation proud.

By Tosin Mike (; 0813838630)

13 thoughts on “The inner thought of the Nigerian Youths….

    • Nice one.

      We are not lazy youths, Our hustles shall pave way and we shall rise above all these very soon.

      No place like home.

  1. Truly, the future of this country lies in the hands of the youths. We will surely get there.

  2. This is interesting, the youth need to have more passion and great energy to move the country forward.

  3. Education is not valued anymore in the sense of becoming too expensive and very stressful, this make youth lack focus and prefer to work for money since the uneducated ones are making it than the educated….
    My thought

  4. Tosin is man with a voice and clear mission. Keep writing. Keep giving us the wake up call required to make us get uncomfortable with status quo.

  5. Nice one! I feel your anger and worry I can only hope but it’s even difficult to hope for this country.

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