…when schooling in Nigeria is becoming a scam

After being in the education system for over 12 years, I have come to realize that most parents send their children to school for different reasons; that can either be directly or indirectly linked to What their intuition deems as the best legacy.

I have witnessed most rich parents and poor parents work hard So that they can provide an education for their children that they didn’t receive themselves.

It is quite disheartening to know that most of the literate Nigerian youths that are successful today had to do some out of school learning/training before they fit into the labor market.

It is now more obvious that most children’s talents are no more discovered within the four walls of the school and even when discovered there are high chances of not been nurtured well.

In a real sense today, schooling in Nigeria is becoming a scam in our generation.

If you are reading this, ask yourself the following questions;

  • What is the essence of being a university graduate if the knowledge acquired in school cannot give you your desired lifestyle?
  • What is the essence of being a university graduate if most companies will still prefer recruiting experienced people to graduates with zero experience but with good grades?
  • What is the essence of sending our children to school if it cannot assure them a bright future?

If your answers to these questions are positive then you must be part of one out of many that enjoyed best schooling facilities or a rare being but if otherwise, then you are just like me.

Now we have many unemployable graduates adding to the problems of our nation because of our failing schooling system.

I so wish you and I can run to aid our failing schooling system in Nigeria.

By Tosin Mike (tosin_mike2001@yahoo.com; 0813838630)

3 thoughts on “…when schooling in Nigeria is becoming a scam

  1. Hmmm… education has indeed become a scam. I believe the only way out is for you to believe in your dream. Whether you achieve it or not, education is the best LEGACY that can be given to an individual. It can’t be taken away.

    • A simply written but eloquent article! There are daunting evidences to show that the Nigerian school system does not adequately prepare for the world of work.

      In addition, there are claims that school stifles creativity. Put differently, school undermines talent and prevents it from blossoming Ken Robinson, an educationalist, and TED Talk keynote speaker, opines that “we get educated out of creativity”. If this is anything to go by, then educators must pay close attention to what is done in during curricula and extracurricular activities. Yes, we must be deliberate about fostering creativity.

      That said,I suggest that you write another article in the near future that profers solution to the issues you raised in the prior article. Writers that examine societal problems as well as problem solve or profer solutions to them are considered resourceful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Education is the best legacy. Without education, no one will radically achieve the best.
    Just that the government needs to make some changes in the Labour market so that our young graduates will be able to get job around. This is my own thinking

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