AlKasim Abdulkadir
AlKasim Abdulkadir has worked for most of the global news stations ranging from BBC, CNN, Aljazeera, France 24 and Chinese Central TV CCTV.
He has written columns for Daily Times, Weekly Trust and Nigerian Dialogue online platforms amongst others. Currently he is the Nigerian foreign correspondent for CCTV Africa and News Editor of Citizens Platform.
*Acting Board Chair
Bisola Edun
CEO, Tae, Bisola believes that civic engagement – bringing citizens’ voices and values into public policy by fostering civic literacy – is crucial to bringing about change in Nigeria.
Hadiza Mohammed
Hadiza currently provides consultancy services to an international organization focusing on developing social enterprises in Nigeria.
Hadiza’s interests include books, theatre, travel, food and football – she is a Manchester United supporter! In her spare time, she volunteers at a centre for children with disabilities in Lagos.
Hadiza strongly believes in social empowerment and open mindedness as essential to resolving our nation’s issues.
‘Yemi Adamolekun
EiE’s Executive Director.
Given Nigeria’s natural and human resources, we deserve better. I will do all I can to ensure that leaders that are selected, elected and appointed are accountable to the citizens they are required by law to serve.

4 EiE Board Members resigned December 2014. View Press Release.