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Good News, Nigeria! (October 4, 2021)

The nation grows when citizens and government play their respective roles in economic development. Behind every good act are men and women being productive in

Your votes count!

In Anambra?  Be on the lookout for the Permanent Voters’ Cards (PVCs) collection which will commence tentatively from October 7, 2021. INEC will send all registrants messages

Freedom of Expression is a Right not an Option!

Dear Active Citizens! Nigeria is one of a few countries that have banned Twitter/social media platforms. Other countries are Iran, China, Turkmenistan and North Korea, all of

Let’s Unite And Do This!

Dear Active Citizens! The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has announced the end of the first quarter of the Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) exercise with

We Can Do This Together!

Dear Active Citizens! Don’t dull yourself! It’s time to actively participate in fixing Nigeria. Register to vote and get your Permanent Voter Card (PVC) so you can

We Used To Be Brothers!

Dear Active Citizen, We Will Not Be Silent! Sunday, September 12, makes it 100 days since the federal government banned microblogging platform, Twitter. So far, there is no

A Country Cursed With Abundance

[By Jonathan Franklin] Nigeria is effortlessly one of the most resource-rich countries. The nation boasts of huge deposits of natural resources. In terms of arable

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