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A Country Cursed With Abundance

[By Jonathan Franklin] Nigeria is effortlessly one of the most resource-rich countries. The nation boasts of huge deposits of natural resources. In terms of arable


[By Kingsley Ekejiuba] Low carbon, sustainability, social inclusiveness and resource efficiency – keywords that characterise the United Nations definition of a green economy. A lucid

Change Begins With You

Dear Active Citizen, You Can Do Better Than This! Anambrarians, the state ward-level Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) exercise ends on Sunday, September 5. Sadly, only 33.4% of Anambra citizens

The Life of Every Citizen Counts!

Dear Active Citizen, Hope you are keeping safe! Remember to use your nose mask, and observe all COVID-19 protective guidelines. COVID-19 is real, help save


[By Edith C. Yassin] Through information gathered from the media, it might be safe to conclude that Ruth Pogu, Saraya Musa Mutah and Hassana Adamu

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