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We Stay Demanding!

Dear Active Citizen! It has been 162 days since the Nigerian government officially placed an indefinite ban on Twitter operations in Nigeria. Recall that on June 6th, two days after the

Good News, Nigeria! – November 8, 2021

The nation grows when citizens and government play their respective roles in economic development. Behind every good act are men and women being productive in

The Time Has Finally Come!

Anambrarian! Election day is upon us! Are you ready to vote for your ideal candidate – the Principal Officer who can rightly steer the reins of the state

You Are Not Alone!

Dear Friend, How are you? Do not think of this question as rhetorical. This is your conscience speaking. Really, how is your mental health? Before

Reflections: The EiE Impact Report 2020

Dear Friend, From noble and unplanned beginnings triggered by the failings of the then Yar’adua Government in 2010, we have grown in capacity to influence a new

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly!

Dear Active Citizen, In October 2021, at least 75 people were killed in Imo, Sokoto, Niger, Kogi and Katsina States. This is beyond tragic! How many can we count? These are not

Your Vote: Your Voice!

Ndi Anambra! In the last election in Anambra State, only a small percentage of the voting population actually voted, – 21.74% – which doesn’t align with the ideal of “majority

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