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This Democracy: We Must Keep It On!

Dear Active Citizen, Tomorrow, June 12th is Democracy Day – or should we say, the irony of it! Democracy in name only, it would seem. Yesterday, during his appearance

Case Number 04062021: Twitter vs. Nigeria

(From the blog: ‘My Nigerian Dream’) By: Ayobami Akinyode OLUNLOYO If this incredulous situation went to court, I guess the case name might sound something

Your Voice is Your Power!

Dear Active Citizen, The Federal Government of Nigeria just today announced the suspension of Twitter operations in Nigeria. This is less than 48 hours after Twitter deleted

These Deaths are not Just Numbers!

Dear Active Citizen, Friday, May 28th, marked the 4th National Day of Mourning and Remembrance for victims of violent killings in Nigeria. At least 1,603 citizens were violently

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