Easing The Lockdown; A New Way to Celebrate!

Dear Friends,

Let’s talk about the season!

Eid al-Fitr also known as the “Lesser” Eid, is “the feast of breaking the fast.” It’s such a great time to catch up with family and old friends, to share and care.

While it’s the small salah (eyes those who thought this is the one with the meat largesse), sweet dishes are prepared, children receive gifts and those in need receive help.

However, our world has changed and with it comes a new way to celebrate. We are fighting an invincible enemy and the war is still on. Our brightest prospects — vaccines and immunity — are still in the minors.

As the Sultan of Sokoto has advised, now is the time to stay safe. Our lives are worth more than any public celebration. Let’s ensure our war tools are intact – physical distance, proper hygiene, and a face mask.

As you enjoy this long weekend, feel free to binge on this fun playlist to ease the stress of the period.

Let’s keep fighting as we celebrate with our smaller family!

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