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EiE Nigeria | Weekly Updates – Friday, October 23, 2015

“Hope and change are hard-fought things.”

– Michelle Obama


This week, new INEC Commissioners unveiled as #MinisterialScreening continues. Read on.

INEC Commissioners & Ministerial Screening

In response to questions regarding the eligibility of INEC to conduct elections in Kogi and Bayelsa States, the Federal Government of Nigeria has nominated Mahmood Yakubu as the new Chairman of INEC, and five others as national commissioners.

The announcement was made after consultation at the 1st Council of State meeting presided over by President Buhari. If the Senate confirms the nominees, INEC will be constitutionally empowered to form a quorum and thus hold elections.

On another note, in the screening process of ministerial nominees, which began on October 13, over 25 of 36 nominees have been screened. Tuesday, October 27 has been fixed for the next exercise.

#550DaysOn: Chibok Girls – Crying To Be Rescued, Never To Be Forgotten

“We still have full hope for the missing girls, that they will come back.” – Blessing (Escaped Chibok Student)

It’s now 557 days!

On Wednesday, in a Washington Post report, 4 of the Chibok girls who escaped from Boko Haram captivity reiterated the enduring hope in the safe return of the Chibok girls.

We look forward to the freedom of our girls!! Join a gathering in your city to stand for our girls:

Abuja – Unity Fountain, Daily, 4:30 – 6pm
Lagos – Marina, Saturdays, 11am-1pm
Osogbo – Freedom Park, Sundays, 5pm

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Kogi & Bayelsa Elections: 29 Days…

State Election Type Election Date Deadline for transfer Voter Register Release
Kogi Gubernatorial Nov. 21st Oct. 6th Oct. 21st – Not Released yet
Bayelsa Dec. 5th Oct. 20th Nov. 5th

Voters’ registration in Kogi & Bayelsa ended September 7th.
Deadline for transfer of registration to one of the states, or from a Local Government Area to another, has passed.

You can read more about the process on INEC’s website.

National Essay Competition

The National Planning Commission calls for essays on “How Nigeria can effectively manage her resources for inclusive development” in line with the change agenda of the Federal Government.

All entries are to focus on creative and strategic management solutions and not more than 1,000 words.

Submission – To the Director General, Centre for Management Development via email: OR
Deadline: November 20, 2015
Don’t forget to include name, telephone number and email address in the body of the email.

Money ‘saved’ on Fuel Subsidy Removal as of October 23, 2015:

N1,487 trillion (approx. $7.473 billion)

See Details Here (PDF)

Have a great weekend!

The EiE Nigeria Team