EiE programs focus on promoting good governance and public accountability in Nigeria through active citizenship. So we leverage our #OfficeOfTheCitizen Radio Program to educate citizens on their rights and responsibilities. EiE Nigeria and partners are hosting a special 13-week #OOTC Radio Program in 8 states to promote citizens’ participation in elections, create more awareness on COVID-19 vaccination and seek accountability on public funds.
1 Delta Rize FM - English
2 Ekiti Newcruse 92.7 FM Wednesday 9am-10am English
3 Gombe Jewel 103.5 FM Tuesday 3pm-4pm English/Hausa
4 Imo- - English
5 Lagos Lagos Talk 92.7 FM Thursday 9pm-10pm English
6 Nasarawa Breeze 92.7 FM Thursday 11am-12pm English
7 Oyo Inspiration 92.7 FM Wednesday 11am- 12 pm English
8 Sokoto Royal 92.7 FM Wednesday 11am-12pm English