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Chude Jideonwo: NO – You DON’T Get To Give Up On Nigeria

I would be dishonest if I said I didn’t expect that my last piece to have some effect, but I certainly didn’t anticipate the intensity of the connection; people who felt exactly the same way, who thought someone had reached deep into their hearts and retrieved their anger, and their disappointment, and their sadness. It […]

Chude Jideonwo: Dear President Buhari, You Have Broken Our Hearts

  Two years ago to this day, you brought me to tears. You were in our nation’s capital, being inaugurated as the first Nigerian in our nation’s history to win the presidency from an opposition party. I was far away, in Lagos; but I had a cherished privilege: to be the one to publish the […]

Yemi Adamolekun: The Long Road Ahead For The Office Of The Citizen

  The Office of the Citizen is the highest office in the land but it currently doesn’t come with a salary and it’s definitely lacking in pomp and pageantry. From the initially scheduled date of February 14, we hope to finally have all results from the 2015 general elections this week of April 26. Two […]

BAYELSA : Beyond Redemption? – Jude Feranmi

This is a post about my one week trip to Bayelsa State on the mission to organize Town Hall Meetings in a bid to educate the young leaders and the youths in the three senatorial districts sponsored by Enough is Enough Nigeria which i currently volunteer for. (All thanks to my boss for the opportunity) […]

Change Agents In The Drive for Change In Nigeria – Japheth Omojuwa

It is such a great time to be a Nigerian! The positivity in the atmosphere is so real one could almost touch it. Our people are excited that they for once in their history were able to vote a person who truly wanted to lead them rather than one handpicked by a godfather. That is […]