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Other Reports – Archive

These are reports that are older than 5 years

EiE 2016 Annual Report [PDF]
Citizens’ Solution to End Terrorism
Press Release – GenVoices
Presidential Debate press release
Nigeria’s First Youth-Focused Presidential Debate: Press Release
Full Transparency by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Will Guarantee Free, Fair and Credible Elections
Press Release: The Federal Government’s Games with Fuel Subsidy
Our 10-Point Demand: Enough is Enough Nigeria’s Official Reaction to the Called-Off Labour Strike
Press Release: Borno, Bauchi, Yobe, Kano… When Will the Killings Stop?
EiE Press Release on Fuel Subsidy Report
Press Release: More Senseless Deaths: What is a Nigerian Life Worth?
Of Presidential Pardons and Nigeria’s Fight Against Corruption
N65… N141… N97… N250: Can we deregulate this sector already?
The Weeks That Shook Nigeria: #OccupyNigeria One Year After
NASS Elections and Results
ReVoDa Users Give Verdict on Nigeria’s Presidential Election
Presidential Election Results
We Were Never Involved In “The Youth Lunch With Mr President”
Analytics Of EiE Nigeria’s Sponsored Opinion Poll On The Removal Of Fuel Subsidy On
Our Nigeria; Our Future
EiE’s Summary of Committees and Task Forces
New Media & Governance: Conference Report
The Social Media Tracking Centre and the 2011 Nigerian Elections
Statement of Affairs for the Year Ended 31 Dec, 2011
Infographics: Nigerian Petroleum Ind. Bill 2012
State of the Nation: Who’s Fooling Who?: The Nigerian Nation State in Q1 2012
State of the Nation Report – Q2 2012
Fuel Subsidy 101
EiE Advertorial on Fuel Subsidy Report


State of the Nation Report