Lagos By Dike Chukwumerije

Lagos: By Dike Chukwumerije     With every election (where people are really interested in coming out to vote), the ruling party in Lagos is

Igi Oyin

[By Feyi Fawehinmi]   An abiding memory of Nigerian elections that I have is from 2011. I flew to Nigeria to vote that year —

EiE-SBM 2023 Election Forecast

EiE-SBM 2023 Election Forecast     The first 2023 election survey conducted by SBM Intelligence was published in July 2022 and showed that only 41%

Footprints: Past. Present. Future

[By ‘Yemi Adamolekun]   “As I speak to you, the president’s people have finally given in to the constitution. But has anything really changed? Did

Where is the Outrage?

[By ‘Yemi Adamolekun]       When citizens are beaten and detained by the First Lady of a democratic government, there has to be outrage. 

It is Time for an #IntegrityMovement

[By Soji Apampa]   The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network ( and their partner, the Convention on Business Integrity (, have worked in partnership with the Nigerian

Causation vs Correlation

[By Zeal Akaraiwe]     I’ll give a quick example to illustrate the distinction between correlation and causation and, more importantly, the error in judgement

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