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#EndSARS 3 Years Memorial: A Personal Odyssey

A Personal Odyssey Through Nigeria’s #EndSARS Movement By: Sefa Mamu       In October 2020, Nigeria witnessed a historic movement known as #EndSARS, a peaceful protest against police brutality. The journey of one individual, me, in the midst of this awakening, tells a story of hope, unity, and the sobering reality that followed.   […]

#EndSARS 3 Years Memorial: A Personal Reflection

Remembering the #EndSARS Movement: A Personal Reflection By: Naomi Ighodalo Amenawon       Three years have passed since the historic #EndSARS movement swept across Nigeria. It was a time when young Nigerians like myself took to the streets to demand an end to police brutality, harassment, and abuse of power.  I vividly remember my […]

#EndSARS 3 Years Memorial: A Journey for Justice and Accountability

From #EndSARS to Now: A Journey for Justice and Accountability By: Obianuju Iloanya       When I first tweeted about my brother’s situation in 2019, it was out of hopelessness; I was sad and hurting and needed an outlet. When I called James Nwafor out in 2020 on X (formally known as Twitter), it […]

#EndSARS 3 Years Memorial: SARS is Alive, They Never Left

#EndSARS 3rd Years Memorial: SARS is Alive, They Never Left By: Rinu Oduala       The air in Lagos is burdened with the weight of a history of injustice and tragedy of unhealed wounds.  There are places in the city where this weight is particularly potent. In Ijesha, where a familiar emptiness taints the […]

#EndSARS: Buhari’s Legacy of Failed “Assurances’’

#EndSARS: Buhari’s Legacy of Failed “Assurances’’ By: Rinu Oduala   The Buhari Years: What We Ordered vs What We Got – civil society leaders reflect on the Buhari Administration and its achievements, shortcomings, and regressive actions. This article focuses on reforming the police. ——– The start of Buhari’s tenure as President of Nigeria represented a […]