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Enough is Enough Nigeria Marks 14th Anniversary with Message of Hope

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March 18, 2024
Lagos, Nigeria

For Immediate Release:



“We must own this nation-building project collectively by speaking truth to power,

and never relenting in holding our elected leaders accountable. Active citizenship is the cornerstone of real democratic governance.”

‘Yemi Adamolekun
(Executive Director, EiE Nigeria)


As Enough is Enough Nigeria (EiE) celebrates its 14th anniversary today, the organization’s Executive Director, ‘Yemi Adamolekun, has delivered a powerful message of hope to Nigerians amidst the numerous challenges facing the nation.

In a video address, ‘Yemi acknowledged the difficult times, citing issues such as the kidnapping of school children in the north, the unbecoming behavior of National Assembly members, and the questionable decisions by some state commissioners to have a retreat in London.

However, she reminded Nigerians of the remarkable progress made since the inception of EiE with the Abuja protest led by young people 14 years ago. “We’ve made some progress, but there’s still a lot more to be done, and it’s certainly not just about elections,” she stated.

‘Yemi emphasized that true democracy is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, underscoring the importance of active citizen engagement beyond just elections. She highlighted EiE’s core mission of promoting the “Office of the Citizen“, empowering Nigerians to recognize and exercise their power as citizens in a democracy.

Drawing inspiration from her friend Aisha Yusufu’s words, “No Nigerian is more Nigerian than any other Nigerian,” she called for Nigerians to come together and collectively own the project of building the nation. She stressed the need for individual and collective power, as well as active engagement in communities and with elected officials.

Nigeria is certainly worth fighting for,” ‘Yemi declared, urging Nigerians to remain steadfast and hopeful in their pursuit of a better nation.

Enough is Enough Nigeria’s 14th anniversary celebration serves as a rallying call for citizens to embrace their shared humanity, own the Nigeria project, exercise their power, and engage in shaping the nation’s future. The organization remains committed to fostering active citizenship and holding leaders accountable for a better Nigeria.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

The video address can be watched on EiE’s YouTube channel.


Enough is Enough Nigeria ( is a network of individuals and organizations committed to instituting a culture of good governance and public accountability in Nigeria through active citizenship. EiE’s #RSVP – Register | Select | Vote | Protect is Nigeria’s longest-running get-out-the-vote campaign. EiE was an integral part of the #OccupyNigeria movement in 2012; co-leads the #OpenNASS campaign and launched the #OfficeOfTheCitizen campaign to mark its 5th anniversary in 2015. It published a collection of essays to mark its decade plus of impact in 2022 – Footprints: Past | Present | Future.

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