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Confab Daily – Monday 30 June 2014

Delegates at the Monday’s session of the Confab strated by discussing issues bordering on constitution amendment.Some delegates were worried about what will become of the resolutions met in the conference at the end of it all.On a controversial note shortly after the votes and proceedings of the previous sitting were adopted, Ishaq Modibo raised a motion of urgent national importance and reported that there were reports that question the integrity of leadership of the Conference.


He said that the Deputy Chairman, Bolaji Akinyemi was lobbying the Northern delegates to smuggle in a demand for a new Constitution.

He also drew attention to a publication, alluding that the Conference was trying to adopt a geo-political arrangement in the country. He called the leadership to clear its name.

Sergeant Awuse insisted that the Conference should not take unfair media reports seriously.

Awuse also called for the subsisting lunch arrangement to be scrapped since the Conference had only seven days to conclude plenary.

Mike Ahamba, disagreed with Modibo on the need for the Deputy Chairman, Bolaji Akinyemi to address the Conference in the light of the allegation in the newspaper report.

Ahamba was invited to move a motion on the controversial issue, inviting those who were lobbied to rise up and say so publicly or the Daily Trust should be made to apologize to the Conference.

Ken Nnamani thought otherwise. He argued, “Whereas God gave us two ears to hear two sides of the story, I move that the Vice Chairman should clear his name in this Conference.”

Done with the controversy, Jeseph Bagobiri moved a motion to felicitate with Moslems on the beginning of the Ramadam Fast. He said it was not by accident that the Conference started when Christians observed the Lenten season.

“At the time the Conference is about ending, the Moslems are having their fast. By allowing these two to happen, God must have something to say to our nation. We must repent and do things that will bring harmonious existence.

“We must love Nigeria, think, Nigeria and pray Nigeria as the only country we have. We must be united not only in condemning evil but in building a nation where no Nigerian is discriminated again. He said

Ezenwa Nwagwu said the Conference had already taken a clear position on independent candidacy. He said it was wrong for Nigerians to be denied an opportunity to contest election base on age when the voting age is 18.

“It is something the young people of the country should rise up and challenge. We cannot allow those, who cause the problem of the country insist that they must be those that will fix the problems of the country,” he said.

Mohammed Kumalia supported the recommendation for independent candidacy but noted that the Committee did not do a thorough job by calling for the scrapping of the state electoral commissions.

Adeniyi Akintola said while it was recommended that INEC has no right to de-register political parties, he argued that some mushroom political parties use the lacuna in the system to scuttle elections at the tribunals.

Florence Ita-Giwa said the work of the committee is laudable and referred to the challenges for the sustenance of democracy. She called for internal democracy in the political parties.

“The leaders of the political parties do not allow qualified people to stand election. You have to kneel down to let them allow you stand election.” She said.

Felicia Sani said the politicians where not helping the country’s democratic process through their warring posture during election but praised the Ekiti election and called for politicians to close ranks for the sake of the people.


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