6 April 2022


Today April 6th 2022 Nigerian women have won a landmark judgement against the Federal Government of Nigeria (defendants President Muhammadu Buhari & the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami) for inclusive governance that gives room for gender equity to reflect true democracy in Nigeria.


This Judgement is coming at a very significant time, when Nigerian women as citizens are demanding for equal constitutional rights and a constitutional framework that can recognize their voice and equitable participation. With this judgement Nigeria can address her poor gender indicators by putting in place structures at national and state levels that can guarantee substantive equality.


The judgement has provided a tool for gender accountability and we call on women to demand for immediate implementation of affirmative action.


We call on the National Assembly to also keep to it’s promise of voting in Favour of the 5 gender bills.

This judgement coincides with the 7 legislative days given by the NASS for the reconsideration of the bills. We therefore call on the Speaker and the leadership of the House of Representatives to do the needful, as respected Representatives.


The judgement which was delivered at the Federal High Court, Maitama, Abuja, before Hon. Justice Donatus Okorowo represents a watershed and a positive contribution to legal jurisprudence.


Nigerian women have been marginalised too long in relation to appointment into decision making positions, in clear breach of the provisions of sections 147, 42 and 14 of the 1999 Constitution, Articles 19 and 18 of the African Charter on People’s and Human rights and other international human rights instruments like CEDAW, ICCPR and ICESCR.


This is not just a Judgement for now it is in fact a judgement that will set the precedent for the future of equal rights for our Nigerian women and our next generation girls.


The matter which began in 2020 has been of National importance and geared towards an inclusive governance to reflect true democracy in Nigeria, this suit filed by Nigerian women seeking compliance on

anti-discriminatory provisions of the Nigerian constitution and entrenching Gender Equality in Nigeria has given Nigerian women hope with this judgement and that all efforts have not been in vain.


Womanifesto congratulates Nigerian women at national, state levels and the courts for upholding the rights of our women, this has given us faith that there indeed is light at the end of the tunnel, whilst we commend the courts we will continue to push and demand implementation to the latter as this will open up inclusivity for our women in the Nigerian electoral process, governance and politics.


Congratulations great Nigerian Women!




Dr Abiola Akiyode

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