Timeline of activities

Mrs Folakemi Adeosun who is also the Minister of Finance, graduated from the University of East London on July 11, 1989 at 22 years old. She allegedly failed to participate in the mandatory 1-year National Youth Service scheme and did not fall under the category of those that qualify to be given an exemption certificate. She allegedly forged an exemption certificate dated September 7, 2009 on the grounds of her age.

Mrs Adeosun is yet to respond since Premium Times broke the story on July 7th 2019.

Active citizens, a political party and civil society organizations (CSOs) have compelled her and other institutions involved in the case to respond.

Public Institution Involved in #AdeosunGate

NYSC - National Youth Service Corps

  • The institution fails to respond to the allegation of Mrs Adeosun’s forged exemption certificate and confirm its validity status.

National Assembly

  • The National Assembly screened all Ministerial nominees including Mrs Adeosun and has oversight function.
  • If they had done their job well, they should have known during screening if Mrs Adeosun’s NYSC exemption certificate was forged or valid.
  • Also, they fail to perform their oversight function compelling NYSC to respond to the forgery allegation because they confirmed her as a Minister based on the certificates she presented.


  • ICPC fails to investigate and publish report of the allegations of forgery of the NYSC certificate against Mrs Adeosun despite Mr Tiete’s petition.

Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC)

  • The Chairman of PACAC and Professor of Law, Prof. Itse Sagay (SAN), who is responsible for advising the government on corrupt practices says the alleged violation of Section 2 (1) of the NYSC Act and forgery of NYSC exemption certificate by Mrs Adeosun is irrelevant.
  • Is PACAC ‘selective’ in their fight against corruption.


  • 51 days after Premium times broke the story, President Buhari is yet to act on the forgery allegation of Mrs Adeosun, a cabinet member.

She resigned on September 14th, 2018 (69 days after).