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Healing the education system…

Last year I stumbled on a quote on a tragedy by Shakespeare. The quote says, “tragedy is misinterpreted comedy”.  This means that everything that may give us mental and psychological stress is meant to put a smile on our faces or at least make us think “oh I see my mistake; I will make it […]

The inner thought of the Nigerian Youths….

I love my country Nigeria, but I am losing my pride as a Nigerian. I was born in Nigeria but am not always happy that I grew up in Nigeria. Truly, Nigeria is the only country I can call mine, but I have always wished I had the opportunity to choose another country to be […]

#OfficeOfTheCitizen Discussion for April 1st to April 6th

The office of the citizen radio program will hold across 23 states in Nigeria during the week. Below is the summary of topics and guests. City/Station Date/Time Summary LokojaPrime 101.5FM Tuesdays @9am Rasak Mohammed, Tracka Civil Rights & Responsibility: Tracking 2018 Constituency Projects   AbeokutaSweet 107.1FM Tuesdays @11am Osiyemi Joshua, BudgIT Update on Tracking 2018 Federal […]

The dynamics of a youth-led political party – Jude Feranmi

While Nigerian workers were celebrating May Day and conversations about issues like minimum wage and salaries owed amidst the current economic quagmire that we currently continue to battle against were being discussed and debated over the past few days, Nigerian youths mostly through social media were discussing the idea behind the formation of a youth-led […]