2023 Elections: EiE Nigeria Rolls Out #MakeNaijaWork Campaign

February 15, 2022

Lagos, Nigeria

“Votes don’t count, if there are no votes to count.”
― Demilade Roberts
(Photographer & Active Citizen)


Foremost good governance and civic advocacy organisation, EiE Nigeria, has officially flagged off its 2022-2023 elections campaign.


Under the aegis of the group’s flagship initiative #RSVPRegister | Select | Vote-not-fight | Protect, the multilayered campaign kicked off on February 2, 2022, with a series of media engagements, including a Twitter Spaces conversation.


Themed, #MakeNaijaWork, the 13-month campaign is a clarion call to Nigerians to seize the golden opportunity to decide and elect credible leaders by registering to vote and selecting candidates based on defined criteria – courage, compassion, competence, capacity & character.


Speaking on the core objective of the campaign, the organisation’s Executive Director, ‘Yemi Adamolekun stated: “We spend so much time asking why we are yet to make socio-political  progress  but the answer is clear: We are yet to strategically occupy our Office of the Citizen. We are yet to understand that this is the highest office in Nigeria because elected and appointed public servants serve us. They are called public servants for a reason – to serve the public! Elections provide an opportunity to determine our servants!


Launched in the month of love, #MakeNaijaWork asks that we show love to our country by engaging in the process to make her work for the benefit of all. If we love Nigeria, we should do all that we can to make her work, which includes registering to vote, voting wisely and holding our public servants accountable!


God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!



Enough is Enough Nigeria (www.eie.ng) is a network of individuals and organisations committed to instituting a culture of good governance and public accountability in Nigeria through active citizenship. EiE’s #RSVP – Register | Select | Vote | Protect is a key voter education campaign. EiE was an integral part of the #OccupyNigeria movement in 2012 and is very active in the #OpenNASS and #OfficeOftheCitizen campaigns.


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