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Achieve fame and all is forgiven – Chuba Ezekwesili

Here’s a guide to achieving this fame which will absolve you from ever speaking up.

First step – chase international fame.

If you chase international fame, we’ll stan for you. Even if you say nothing about our plight or about #EndSARS, we’ll excuse your silence. After all, you’re doing us proud by repping us internationally. Omo Naija!

You shouldn’t stain your white with local Nigerian affairs. The white massah that’ll give you that international role is uncomfortable with you talking about your country’s issues. We understand.

Do you have to take any action that directly or even indirectly impacts us? Do you even have to be good at the job you’ve been hired to do? At all at all! You being Nigerian is enough. Omo Naija! Please sit and enjoy your cushy position while Nigeria burns to the ground.

Here’s what you should definitely not do if you want to be popular with us. If you want us to consider you as leadership material, do not try this.

Do you consistently speak out for us and demand accountability from the government? Ah…error. That’s a one-chance bus fam.

Whatever you do, do not be seen as an enemy of the government. E don be for you.

The government will attempt to ruin your reputation and we the Nigerian citizens will believe them. We’ll accuse you of seeking attention, of trying to get a government position, of being political.

Does it matter that you don’t have to bother about Nigeria and that you can also go ahead and keep silent as well? Does it matter that you’re sacrificing a lot to speak up? Nope.

Why would you do any of these if not for personal gains? Are you a mumu? You must be.

The message is loud and clear. Forget Nigeria. Keep silent and chase your personal ambitions. We’ll be proud of you – especially if white massah endorses you.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you speak up at the cost of your life or welfare, we’ll treat you like an opportunist or a mumu…or both.

Until we all learn to slow down, give gratitude to those who’ve demanded accountability in Nigeria, and take responsibility for ensuring WE all demand for a better future, this will remain the game plan.

Let’s stop making excuses for any Nigerian. If you’re not speaking up against injustice in Nigeria, you’re implicitly in support of it. We must all use the positions and power we have been given to take responsibility and speak up.

  • Chuba is an economist, a data analyst, and the co-founder of Akanka – a multidisciplinary design studio with a mission to design everything for peace, joy, and happiness. He’s also a co-founder of Future Africa, a platform that provides capital, coaching, and community for mission-driven innovators building an African future where prosperity and purpose are within everyone’s reach.

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