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2021 – Speak Up Louder!

2020 has come and gone but not without its footprints larger than years before it. It was a roller coaster year as we navigated various tides. We

Our Boys are Back!

Dear Active Citizen, As the year comes to an end and we prepare for the festivities, let us remember to stay safe. Be conscious of

You’re Our #1 Citizen!

Dear Active Citizen,You made it this far, you deserve some accolades. ?As the year draws to an end, we advise that you count your gains,

Thank you! Help Nigerians Sọ̀rọ̀ Sókè!

Dear Active Citizen, Thank you for your commitment to instituting good governance in Nigeria. EiE’s #OfficeOfTheCitizen radio programme is live in 27 states! The weekly call-in programme is

The Tough Get Going!

Dear Active Citizen, How are you coping? Nigeria hit her second recession in 5 years…hmm. Prices of consumables have skyrocketed, the Naira is on life

Let’s #FixPolitics!

Everyone agrees something is broken…can we make it better? Nigerians are deeply divided…can we ever be united? How can we involve more Nigerians in the political

Sam Adeyemi discusses #NigeriaAt100 Today!

Dear Friends, It’s October 2020 and a generation has followed in EiE’s footprints, saying “Enough is Enough!” In the last three weeks, young Nigerians have rocked the nation,

We shall overcome!

To the families and friends of all those affected by the Lekki shootings, please accept our condolences. May their souls rest in peace and their

Sọ̀rọ̀ Sókè!!!

From #EndSARS to #EndSWAT What’s that biblical parable again? The one about putting old wine in new wine skin. Shebi the Bible said it will burst, abi? Toh!

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