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In Nigeria, over 80% of people working do not like their work because they are aging daily but still unfulfilled.

In Nigeria, we record an increase in primary/secondary dropouts every year because the teaching-learning process is not fun anymore.

In Nigeria, most first class graduates do not mind serving third class/pass graduates and university dropouts that can pay their bills. Some of them even termed it as fate

In Nigeria, hundreds of thousand graduates are released into the labor market every year but only a few hundred can get satisfying job opportunities.

In Nigeria, most parents’ major priority is their children’s education but they fully entrust their learning/future in the hands of their teachers.

In Nigeria, most people teaching is not teaching to nurture and mold future leaders but teaching to earn a living – no passion.

In Nigeria, going to school does not guarantee a bright future because our education system is not meeting the needs of our present nation. Those in positions of power are using outdated ideas and policies and are not distributing resources effectively to the masses.

Bertrand Russel once said, “it is because modern education is so seldom inspired by great hope, that it so seldom achieves great results”.

He also said, “the wish to preserve the past rather than the hope of creating the future dominates the minds of those who control the teaching of the young”.

These two statements above systematically summarized one of the major challenges our education system is facing.

Nigeria is losing the title of being the giants of Africa; especially when exploring issues like education. The saying “Education is the best legacy” is far from reality to the younger generation of Nigerians

If only Nigeria can give its youths the right education they need, then all lost glory will be regained.

By Tosin Mike (; 0813838630)

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