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#PresidentialPardon (2)


  1. Alamieyeseigha is still wanted in the UK; Nigeria is party to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) and the pardon has set the fight against corruption back at least a decade, we ask that the pardon be rescinded.
  2. We call on the international community to place a visa embargo on all Nigerians convicted of looting state funds and their family members.
  3. We also call on the international community to use all possible sanctions and penalties to convey their strongest disapproval of the pardon.
  4. Finally, we call on all Nigerians as we prepare for 2015 to remember clearly those who abuse political office but still want to be our representatives in government.

Enough is Enough!

To sign the petition for the international community to impose sanctions, click here.

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