#PresidentialPardon (3)

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1,000 signatures and counting!

Ex Justice Minister, Mike Aondoakaa, sues US for visa revocation. Ex IGP, Hafiz Ringim, seeks asylum in the UK.
They can’t destroy Nigeria and want to run away!
Major Magaji sodomized intoxicated teenage boys and was convicted.
Alamieyeseigha pillaged Bayelsa for 6 years and was convicted on money-laundering charges. He’s still wanted in the UK.
Bulama crashed Bank of the North, once Nigeria’s biggest bank.
They have all been pardoned.

Sign the petition here to impose travel bans: www.chn.ge/YseiWX

For every signature, the US, British, Canadian & South African embassies get emails.

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Why People Are Signing the Travel Ban Petition

“Because it only makes sense! It’s not enough to just condemn, take actions within your power.”
– Folake

“I believe Nigeria will flourish again and that can only happen if such measures like this one is not taken for granted.”
– Bukkie

“This is important to me because Nigerian public servants continue to abuse this privilege to their own benefit but to the detriment of the country in every possible area of development. Realising that they have the exclusive opportunity to hop on the next available flight out of Nigeria to any country of their choice, they leave the unprivileged majority envious and inspired to indulge in corruption at the first chance they get. It’s high time their wings were clipped, bringing them closer to earth and to the people they were (s)elected to serve but chose to rob.”
– Derin

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