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Pandemic issues…

In Nigeria, over 80% of people working do not like their work because they are aging daily but still unfulfilled. In Nigeria, we record an increase in primary/secondary dropouts every year because the teaching-learning process is not fun anymore. In Nigeria, most first class graduates do not mind serving third class/pass graduates and university dropouts […]

Looking Beyond the Surface

In life, there are certain scenarios, people and experiences that we encounter that stick with us for life and shape the way we view the world around us. I  in my 2+ decades on this earth have encountered a few moments and people like that. But what sparked this blog post, in particular, was a […]

The State of Nigeria’s Tertiary Institutions

It can be disheartening when you are with your peers and all of a sudden someone is like, ‘I finished from a university in Ghana’, and all attention shifts to the person because they feel his/her brain is working better than yours, and you are like, ‘seriously, I am a graduate of the University of […]