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11 Years of Inspiring Action!

Dear Active Citizen,

Just talking has never been enough, so 11 years ago, we took ONE ACTION: kick-started the process to inspire Nigerians to talk less & act more! We activated our Office of the Citizen and invited you to do likewise.

As ONE PERSON, each Nigerian can Sọ̀rọ̀ Sókè and contribute to the process of meaningful change, ONE action at a time. We celebrate every Nigerian that has taken ONE ACTION to transition from being passive citizens to occupying their Office of the Citizen as active citizens.

As we celebrate 11 years of inspiring action, ONE PERSON at a time, consider donating as a birthday present!

Are you occupying your Office of the Citizen?

Join the ‘ONE PERSON’ campaign by simply recording a short video where you talk about how, as ‘ONE PERSON’, you’re leaving your FOOTPRINTS in your community.

Upload the video on any of your social platforms with the hashtags #OnePerson |  #EiEat11  | #EiEFootprints

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

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