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Active Citizens, You are Doing Well!

Dear Active Citizens, Hope you are still keeping safe? Remember to use your face mask, observe physical distancing and follow all COVID-19 protective guidelines.

PVCs & Other Cool Stories!

Dear Active Citizen, Are you registered to vote? In three days, INEC has received 135,155 applications – 95,638 new registrants and 5,506 transfer requests. This is huge

We can Fix Nigeria!

Dear Active Citizen, Are you ready for the 2023 general elections? From next Monday, June 28th, you can register to vote! The Continuous Voters’ Registration (CVR)

Breathe! With Life, There’s Hope!

Dear friends, We take a break from all the happenings in our nation to share love and light with you. Remember,  the journey to fixing Nigeria is

This Democracy: We Must Keep It On!

Dear Active Citizen, Tomorrow, June 12th is Democracy Day – or should we say, the irony of it! Democracy in name only, it would seem. Yesterday, during his appearance

Your Voice is Your Power!

Dear Active Citizen, The Federal Government of Nigeria just today announced the suspension of Twitter operations in Nigeria. This is less than 48 hours after Twitter deleted

These Deaths are not Just Numbers!

Dear Active Citizen, Friday, May 28th, marked the 4th National Day of Mourning and Remembrance for victims of violent killings in Nigeria. At least 1,603 citizens were violently

Happy Children’s Day!

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way it treats its children.” Nelson Mandela

Occupy Your Office!

Dear Active Citizen, We are 38 days away from signing up to participate in the 2023 general elections. As you may already know, Continuous Voter’s Registration

Robbery in Aso Rock?

Dear Active Citizen, Something interesting went down on Monday, May 10th at Aso Rock where robbers allegedly invaded the residence of President Buhari’s Chief of Staff, Prof. Ibrahim

How Free and Secure are You?

Dear Active Citizen, This has been another week of bad news. We must continue to hold our duty bearers accountable. The recent rape and murder of

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