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#ThursdayTalks – My EiE Journey!

Dear Active Citizen, February 2021 was the 10th year of my “accidental” leadership of the EiE Team. We then celebrated 11 years of inspiring action on Tuesday, March

11 Years of Inspiring Action!

Dear Active Citizen, Just talking has never been enough, so 11 years ago, we took ONE ACTION: kick-started the process to inspire Nigerians to talk less & act

Choose To Challenge!

Dear Active Citizen, March 8, 2021, was International Women’s Day, and from the testimonies and accolades on what women have achieved despite being in a world

The Wait is Over!

Dear Active Citizen, The wait to be vaccinated against the coronavirus in Nigeria is finally over! Nigeria received a total of 3.92 million doses of the

Congratulations are in order!

Dear Active Citizen, Bravo! #OccupyLekkiTollGate happened!? Despite the threats and battery, you were resilient… The heavy security presence did not deter you. You stood your ground and

There’s strength in numbers!

Dear Active Citizen, We are with you through thick and thin. We have kept to this promise and are ensuring that the demands of citizens

Get the Power O!

Dear Nigerian Youths, You have the numbers, capacity, and strength to not only be involved but also dominate politics and governance in Nigeria. If you

Our #ChibokGirls are Still Missing!

Dear Active Citizen, In our newsletter on Friday, January 29th, we shared information we got from Daily Trust online news & CNN that some #ChibokGirls might have escaped on Thursday, January 28th. 

Service Chiefs Sacked and You Did It!

Dear Friends, Trust you have been staying safe using your face masks, washing your hands and observing social distance. Join us for the first edition of

A Female President of Nigeria!

Dear Active Citizen, Who says it can’t be done? The United States of America swore in its first-ever female Vice President, Kamala Harris, on Wednesday, January

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