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No Woman! No Nation!

Dear Active Citizens, The Nigerian government at federal, state, and local levels has consistently demonstrated disdain for its citizens. The disregard for citizens showed up

Congratulations Nigerians!

Dear Active Citizen, Who said our voices don’t count? The President has finally signed the Electoral Amendment Bill, 2022, into law yesterday, Friday, February 25th. This is a win for

Mr. President, Do What’s Right!

Dear Active Citizen, One of the most important roles of a democratic president is to protect, sustain and deepen democratic institutions and governance. That is


Dear Active Citizen, How are you doing? Seriously, how are you doing with all that’s happening in Nigeria? Fuel scarcity, rising insecurity, inflation, ASUU strike and

Make Naija Work

Dear Active Citizen, It is exciting that the first newsletter we are sharing this year is in the month of love. We missed you and love

We Are The Change We Seek!

Welcome to the new year and another chapter of great insights and taking progressive steps towards achieving the Nigeria of our dreams. 2022 has begun

Celebrating Our Little Wins!!!

In response to one of the #EndSARS 5 for 5 demands, the Federal Executive Council (FEC) has approved a salary increase for police officers by 20%. Fam! Our struggles for

Shine Your Eye!

Dear Active Citizen, The President of the Senate, Ahmed Lawan, in a paper presented at the First Distinguished Parliamentarians Lecture Series organised by the National Institute for Legislative and

Seeking Justice and Reconciliation

Dear Friend, As of December 5, 2021, Judicial  Panels of Inquiry in 27 states have concluded sittings, 2 states have suspended sittings and 7 states have not set up their respective panels. Sitting is

Get Involved!

Completing the Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) process is a demonstration of your intention to participate in the elections! However, when intent is not converted to action on Election

We Are All We Have!!

Dear Friend! As we mark the global 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, which runs between the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (November 25th) and International Human

What Is Your Vote Worth?

As 2023 steadily approaches, it is imperative that the youth arise and mobilise effectively. Join us tomorrow, November 25, 2021 on #ThursdayTalks as we discuss “Broadening Youth Participation in the

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