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Petitions Work!

Who says petitions don’t work? They’re wrong!

In a deliberation which took place on Monday, November 23, 2020, the UK parliament called on the British government to immediately commence an investigation into human rights abuses based on an e-petition.

A total of 220,330 people had signed the e-petition for the investigation into human rights abuses by the Nigerian government and security agencies on citizens. This was in reference to the #EndSARS protests held across Nigeria last month and the attack on peaceful and unarmed protesters by the military at Lekki toll gate.

In the petition, the people accused the Nigerian government and security officials of human rights abuses and extrajudicial killings. It also demanded the UK government considers imposing sanctions on officials who are found culpable. These sanctions range from visa bans to assets freezing.

This is what you get from a system that works. The good news is that we can include this in our legislative process at the Nigeria National Assembly. What do you have to do? Tell your Reps what you want. Contact them via

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