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Selecting the Right Leader to forge on with the plan for Kogi State

The Independent National Electoral Commission has scheduled the Kogi state Governorship elections to hold on the 12th of November 2019. Elections in Kogi State are peculiar, because of the Ethno-religious nature of Kogi politics. The major ethnic groups in the state are Igala, Ebira, and Okun. The Igala people are the most populous in the […]


On 10thJuly 2019, Singapore announced that all primary school pupils will undergo mandatory coding classesfrom 2020. Expectedly, a number of Nigerians on social media took the opportunity to compare our development with advanced countries globally. Ultimately concluding as usual that we have very little hope of competing on a global in the future. Truth be […]

Our Lagos – The road of yesterday

The giant of Nigeria, the commercial hub of the nation, with over 20 million residents (approx. 10% of the country’s population) and a reputation for being the most bankable state – with Year on Year (Y.O.Y) internally generated revenues (IGR) mostly higher than its other counterparts, as Lagos State maintained a distant top and recorded […]

Healing the education system…

Last year I stumbled on a quote on a tragedy by Shakespeare. The quote says, “tragedy is misinterpreted comedy”.  This means that everything that may give us mental and psychological stress is meant to put a smile on our faces or at least make us think “oh I see my mistake; I will make it […]


The Vice President was in Germany last year during which he spoke to investors about the potential for investing in the Nigerian market. When he got talking about agriculture, he made a comment that set alarm bells off in my head. “Carlos Farms, a Mexican fruit and vegetable investor, had initially planned to grow bananas […]

Pandemic issues…

In Nigeria, over 80% of people working do not like their work because they are aging daily but still unfulfilled. In Nigeria, we record an increase in primary/secondary dropouts every year because the teaching-learning process is not fun anymore. In Nigeria, most first class graduates do not mind serving third class/pass graduates and university dropouts […]

The inner thought of the Nigerian Youths….

I love my country Nigeria, but I am losing my pride as a Nigerian. I was born in Nigeria but am not always happy that I grew up in Nigeria. Truly, Nigeria is the only country I can call mine, but I have always wished I had the opportunity to choose another country to be […]

Looking Beyond the Surface

In life, there are certain scenarios, people and experiences that we encounter that stick with us for life and shape the way we view the world around us. I  in my 2+ decades on this earth have encountered a few moments and people like that. But what sparked this blog post, in particular, was a […]

#NigeriaDecides2019: Lessons for the 3rd Force

The presidential elections in Nigeria has come and gone. As a significant majority of the electorate expected, it was a two-party race notwithstanding the fact that there were over 70 registered political parties contesting the presidential elections. The supposed ‘third force’ challenge to the ruling parties was next to non-existent in the larger scheme of […]

Voters Apathy and its effects on Nigerian society.

According to Iyayi, the third wave of democratization in the 1990’s led to the conduct of elections in many developing nations/countries. To a very large extent, elections and electoral processes shape the face of the bourgeois modern state. Elections provide the medium by which the different interest groups within the bourgeois nation state can take […]