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The Road to #NigeriaAt100

Dear Friends, 

Wow! Nigeria is 60 and oh, what a journey we’ve had!

The journey to making Nigeria work dates back to 1914 when the two separate regions were merged and named Nigeria.
At independence on October 1st, 1960, there was a different type of urgency because we were now in control.
Picking up from where our founding fathers stopped, I and other young Nigerians joined this journey in 2010, with the historic Enough is Enough protest on March 16th in Abuja.

In March 2020, to mark the 10th anniversary of that protest and the evolution of the organization that is now known as Enough is Enough (EiE) Nigeria, we launched the #OnePerson campaign. The campaign reiterates EiE’s belief that it takes the action of ‘ONE PERSON’ to make a difference.

#OnePerson builds on the #OfficeOfTheCitizen {OOTC} which was launched in 2015 at our 5th anniversary. OOTC prioritizes citizens at the heart of governance as we believe that the Office of the Citizen is the HIGHEST office in the land.

When the #OfficeofTheCitizen campaign was launched in 2015, EiE began the transition from being the main driver of citizens’ action to supporting citizens to walk their talk! Over the next decade, with our eyes on Nigeria at 100, EiE is committed to supporting citizens to occupy their office, take more action, and amplify their stories.

The road to #NigeriaAt100 would in no way be an easy one. However, with the doggedness of those who were before us and the lessons from the past 10 years, we forge ahead to deliver a country that works for all citizens by the year 2060!

To kickstart this journey, our weekly Newsletter previously known as ‘Listen Up’ has now been rebranded to ‘PERUSE’. With Peruse, we will summarize in an easy and fun way, key events from the past week with relevant actions you can take as you walk the talk.

I am quite excited about this journey and I invite you to walk your talk!

In this celebratory mood, I invite you to join comedians Asiri Comedy and Frank Donga on today’s edition of our Instagram Live #CallOfDuty Culture Shapers series at 8 pm tonight as they discuss Nigeria at 60: Less Talk, More Action.

Would you like to embark on this journey with me and be part of the #NigeriaAt100 success story 40 years from now? I bet your answer is Yes. Let’s do this!
Reach out to us with ideas; volunteer to serve or just donate!!
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