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What does the future hold?

With several candidates declaring their intention to vie for the office of the President in recent days, it is imperative that we begin to hold conversations centred on their plans, if elected, vis-a-vis what the future holds in light of the innumerable challenges confronting our dear nation. Join us this Thursday, March 31, at 7pm […]

EiE Nigeria Hosts Symposium To Commemorate 12th Anniversary

March 30,  2022 Lagos, Nigeria   ‘‘We must begin to imbibe a culture by which those who aspire to lead our people are subjected to a rigorous process of public debates that will assess their suitability on objective criteria, rather than the religion they practice or where they come from.’’ – Olusegun Adeniyi (Chairman, ThisDay […]

Watch This Space!

On Tuesday, March 22nd, the brave women who had been occupying the National Assembly (NASS) gates gained access to the NASS premises, where they were met by the leadership of the House of Representatives who requested 7 legislative days to review all 5 bills and vote again. Recall that on Tuesday, March 8th, the House […]

Rant But Act!

Dear Active Citizen, Oftentimes we complain about the state of the nation and how difficult life can be when governed by bad and incompetent leaders but we hesitate to make our voices heard through our votes during elections. Elections are not won on social media nor are they won from the comfort of your sitting […]

CVR At Your Doorstep!

Good News! INEC has devolved Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) to the ward level. This process will end on Tuesday, March 22, and will be followed by a 2-week break for citizens to review the voters register at INEC LGA centres. CVR will resume on April 10, 2022, and will be devolved to the wards towards […]

12 Years of Inspiring Action

Today, March 16th makes it 12 years since the historic #EnoughIsEnough protests of 2010 to the National Assembly in Abuja and to the then Governor Babatunde Fashola’s office in Lagos on April 13th. We asked if Mr President was dead or alive in Saudi Arabia, wondered why an oil producing nation had fuel queues and demanded that the killings […]

98 days to #EkitiDecides2022

Dear Active Citizen, Elections will always be decided by votes! In 98 days, electorates in Ekiti State will be presented with an opportunity to decide their next governor. Ahead of #EkitiDecides2022, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has brought Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) to ward level (registration areas). The ward registrations which began on March […]

#IWD 2022: Before We Get Overtaken By Faux Platitudes

[By Chioma Agwuegbo]   I woke up angry this morning; perhaps more tired than angry. No, not because we’re in the middle of the worst electricity situation we’ve experienced in a while, not because this is the fifth week of an utterly debilitating fuel scarcity; not even because the value of the naira continues to […]


Dateline: (Abuja) 9th March,2022   BEING A TEXT OF A PRESS CONFERENCE DELIVERED AT THE NASS BY WOMEN GROUPS UNDER THE AGEIS OF WOMENIFESTO THE CONVENINING COALITION OF WOMEN GROUPS  FOR #WOMENOCCUPYNASS   #BreakThe PoliticalBias #BreakTheConstitutionalBias #BreakTheRepresentationImbalance #TheConstitutionNigerianWomenWant   Gentlemen and Ladies of the Press, Today, women comprised of your mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters […]